Richard Hawkins: Hijikata Twist

This review of Richard Hawkins’s ‘Hijikata Twist’ at Tate Liverpool appeared on Richard Hawkins, Ankoku 9 (Index World Flower), 2012, mixed media, 19 3/4 x 13 1/2   Not a contorted martial arts move or sex position, “Hijikata Twist,” the subtitle of Richard Hawkins’s debut UK museum exhibition, refers to the uses and abuses to which the Japanese artist and choreographer Tatsumi Hijikata subjected works by Western painters in his Butoh-fu scrapbooks of the 1960s and ’70s. These reveal the often overlooked Western influences, literary and artistic, behind butoh—a species of dance and performance art with dark, erotic overtones … Continue reading Richard Hawkins: Hijikata Twist

Moyra Davey

This piece appeared on Moyra Davey, Copperheads 101–200, 2013, C-print adhesive tape, stamps, ink, 20 x 12”. The outcome of a reconnaissance-cum-research trip to Liverpool and Manchester earlier this year, this exhibition takes its somewhat macabre title, “Hangmen of England,” from a scholarly volume Moyra Davey discovered while taking photographs at the Liverpool Central Library. Focused on small-scale photographic works, which are pinned to the walls and showcased in two antique walnut-framed vitrines (the only adornment in an otherwise bare room), this beautifully spare solo show styles itself as an archival display. The exhibition’s centerpiece is a new iteration … Continue reading Moyra Davey