Artist Organisations International

This report from the Artist Organisations International congress appeared on Left: Curators Florian Malzacher and Joanna Warsza. (Photo: Agnieszka Gratza) Right: Artist Jonas Staal. (Photo: Lidia Rossner) “WE CAN LEARN A LOT FROM PIRATES,” artist Jonas Staal assured us. We had just finished the “Violence & Non-Violence” panel that closed day two of Artist Organisations International (AOI), a congress initiated by Staal with the Berlin-based curators Florian Malzacher and Joanna Warsza and held at the Hebbel am Ufer complex in Kreuzberg. According to Staal, “pirate ships run on a model of direct democracy.” The metaphor wasn’t totally off; we … Continue reading Artist Organisations International

Bergen Assembly: Monday Begins on Saturday

This review of Bergen Assembly, Bergen’s inaugural triennial, appeared in Flash Art: Bergen’s inaugural triennial did not come out of the blue. First mooted in 2007, the idea was then debated at the 2009 Bergen Biennial Conference, a Bergen Kunsthall initiative designed to give more visibility, on the art-world map at least, to Norway’s second city. Titled “To Biennial or Not to Biennial?”, the conference scrutinized the biennial format as a whole and yielded the serviceable Biennial Reader (2010). The question at its heart was answered in the affirmative. Somewhat perversely, though, the answer took the form of a triennial: … Continue reading Bergen Assembly: Monday Begins on Saturday