Amsterdam Art Weekend

This report from the Amsterdam Art Weekend appeared on Left: ‘An Evening with Anthony McCall’ at EYE. (Photo: Dimer van Santen) Right: Artists Gabriel Lester, Laurent-David Garnier, and Carlotta Guerra. (Except where noted, all photos: Agnieszka Gratza) A MAN WALKS into a bar and greets another: “Wasabi.” What on earth does that mean? “What’s up,” artist Gabriel Lester had to spell it out for me. The bar, furnished with slanted black wooden stools designed by Robert Wilhite to facilitate encounters rather than comfort, is the setting for BOB’s YOUR UNCLE, a recurring event at the back of the Kunstverein … Continue reading Amsterdam Art Weekend

Brian Dillon

This interview with Brian Dillon appeared in Metropolis M on the eve of the summer show, Curiosity, at De Appel: Aurélien Froment, Pulmo Marina, 2010, © the artist. Courtesy of the artist, Marcelle Alix and Motive Gallery. Photos: Aurélien Froment Agnieszka Gratza: I was curious about the way you describe yourself in your bios these days. You know, the whole business of ‘writer and/or critic’, ‘based here and there’. Brian Dillon: I try to avoid the ‘based in’ because it suggests you spend your whole life jetting around. I suppose writing is the centre of it. In the past few … Continue reading Brian Dillon