The Artist as Philanthropist

This feature originally appeared in the April issue of Metropolis M magazine in Dutch translation: On the face of it, the artist as philanthropist is an unlikely proposition. While some artists may be born into wealth, their chosen profession offers few prospects of financial stability and independence, let alone affluence on the scale that the term philanthropy (from the Greek, ‘love of humanity’) ordinarily implies. Though they can occasionally overlap, what distinguishes philanthropy from plain charity is vision, a clear purpose, financial clout, and an institutional framework that makes it possible to take a long-term view and address problems at … Continue reading The Artist as Philanthropist

Pattern Recognition: Florian and Michael Quistrebert

This feature on the Quistrebert Brothers originally appeared in Dutch translation in Metropolis M: Florian & Michael Quistrebert – Amnesic cisenmA , (detail), 3 channel video installation, 2011 ‘Abstract painting, now some 75 years old,’ wrote Bridget Riley in 1983, ‘is still relatively in its infancy. If Mondrian was the Giotto of Abstract painting, the High Renaissance is still to come.’ Abstract painting is a vast country, one more often than not defined by what it is not: non-representational, non-figurative, non-objective. For much of her long career, spanning five decades or so, Riley has been more narrowly associated with ‘op … Continue reading Pattern Recognition: Florian and Michael Quistrebert