Lis Rhodes and Aura Satz

This conversation with Lis Rhodes and Aura Satz appeared in issue 52 of Mousse magazine: Aura Satz, In and Out of Synch, 2012 Agnieszka Gratza: In the credits to Between the Bullet and the Hole (2015), you thank Lis Rhodes “for years of conversations”. Aura Satz: I actually got rid of that added line, because I felt it didn’t need to be quantified, but the conversations with Lis have always been precious and valuable and have fed into the making of my work. Lis Rhodes: We don’t talk necessarily about the construction of a piece of work; we talk about … Continue reading Lis Rhodes and Aura Satz

Frances Stark: Osservate, Leggete con me

This review of Frances Stark’s show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York, appeared in ArtReview. If there’s an art to virtual conversation, as there used to be an art to letter writing, Frances Stark is a past master at it. The latest of her shows to probe the format’s conventions, Osservate, Leggete con Me comes hot on the heels of the artist’s critically acclaimed digital animation My Best Thing (2011), in which she turned the modalities of sex-chatroom exchanges into artistic gold. The new works keep the episodic structure but dispense with the plastic Playmobil dolls clad in fig leaves … Continue reading Frances Stark: Osservate, Leggete con me