Roberto Cuoghi: Perla Pollina

This review of Roberto Cuoghi’s “Perla Pollina” at MADRE, Naples appeared in Mousse magazine: Roberto Cuoghi “PERLA POLLINA, 1996–2016” at MADRE, Naples, 2017. Courtesy: Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee, Naples. The accidental title of Roberto Cuoghi’s midcareer retrospective, which the press release attributes to “the erroneous effects of an auto-correct program,” invites various possible readings. A reclusive and enigmatic figure who has been known to shun the art establishment, the Italian artist cultivates a hermit-like persona. The titular “pollina,” suggestive of chicken manure, put this critic in mind of Aesop’s fable about a rooster who finds a jewel in … Continue reading Roberto Cuoghi: Perla Pollina