William Kentridge

This review of William Kentridge’s show at The EYE film museum in Amsterdam appeared on artforum.com: View of “William Kentridge: If We Ever Get to Heaven,” 2015. Spread over four oddly shaped rooms, this tight-knit exhibition begins with a portrait gallery of cardboard cutouts mounted on the walls. Roughly sketched out, effigies of Cicero and Giordano Bruno rub shoulders with those of Chinese revolutionary heroes as well as some token household items (a bathtub, a typewriter) tucked away at one end. Affixed to wooden poles or borne on shoulders, these effigies are among the trophies carried by members of the … Continue reading William Kentridge

Juan Muñoz

This review of Juan Muñoz’s show at HangarBicocca in Milan appeared on artforum.com: Juan Muñoz, Waste Land (detail), 1986. Spanish artist Juan Muñoz’s sculptures and installations are the stuff of dreams, or nightmares. The geometric patterned linoleum floor he designed, which greets visitors entering the main exhibition room, seems to infinitely extend the space. The diminutive bronze ventriloquist figure seated on a ledge affixed to the wall in The Wasteland, 1986, stares across the floor’s dizzyingly linear expanse at his double in The Waste Land, 1986, perched atop a small white wall. Muñoz’s doubling effects and optical tricks are only … Continue reading Juan Muñoz

Nicholas Mangan: Ancient Lights

This interview appeared in the Agenda section of Mousse magazine: Nicholas Mangan, Ancient Lights (2015); courtesy the artist Agnieszka Gratza: For your upcoming solo exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery, “Ancient Lights”, you will be using solar panels to power a film projection. Could you start by explaining how that’s going to work? Nicholas Mangan: It works in the way that an off-grid system works: the solar panels are exposed to direct sunlight, which is transferred into the batteries that store and provide energy for the equipment and the projectors. It’s an autonomous system, detached from the grid and completely reliant on … Continue reading Nicholas Mangan: Ancient Lights