Dîner noire

This account of Dîner noire in Istanbul appeared on artforum.com: Tristan Bera and Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, Dîner noire, 2014. Catherine Robbe-Grillet. Photo: Protocinema.   “AT 7:30 be ready to go across the street to that building there,” a man standing by the open window whispered as he placed a square wooden object in the palm of my hand. I followed the direction of his gaze to a tall opulent building—the Vault Karaköy, which used to house the Credit General Ottoman, recently converted into a luxury hotel—on the other side of Bankalar Caddesi, just a few doors down from SALT in Istanbul’s Galata … Continue reading Dîner noire

Josephine Pryde: Scale

This feature on Josephine Pryde’s Scale series appeared in Metropolis M: Seductive and discomfiting in equal measure, the work of British photographer Josephine Pryde holds pride of place amid some 1,500 new acquisitions – an embarrassment of riches – that have accrued the Stedelijk’s collection during Ann Goldstein’s time as the museum’s artistic director. Goldstein considers Pryde, with her ‘unique and complex relationship to conceptual art, historical photographic practices, and feminism’, to be one of the most significant artists working today. For some years she has been closely following the artist’s work, which she acquired for the Museum of Modern Art (MOCA) … Continue reading Josephine Pryde: Scale

Richard Hawkins: Hijikata Twist

This review of Richard Hawkins’s ‘Hijikata Twist’ at Tate Liverpool appeared on artforum.com: Richard Hawkins, Ankoku 9 (Index World Flower), 2012, mixed media, 19 3/4 x 13 1/2   Not a contorted martial arts move or sex position, “Hijikata Twist,” the subtitle of Richard Hawkins’s debut UK museum exhibition, refers to the uses and abuses to which the Japanese artist and choreographer Tatsumi Hijikata subjected works by Western painters in his Butoh-fu scrapbooks of the 1960s and ’70s. These reveal the often overlooked Western influences, literary and artistic, behind butoh—a species of dance and performance art with dark, erotic overtones … Continue reading Richard Hawkins: Hijikata Twist