This review appeared on Latifa Echakhch, Resolutions (In Progress), 2009. Installation view. The synagogue turned contemporary art center in sleepy Delme, near Metz, could not be further removed from a white cube, despite its milky-white interior and perfectly square proportions. Modeled after Berlin’s Neue Synagoge, the repurposed building has accommodated an impressive range of group and solo exhibitions over the last two decades. As number symbolism is integral to sacred Jewish architecture, it seems at once fitting and discordant that Latifa Echakhch’s Resolutions (In Progress), 2009, should greet the visitor on the threshold of this well-orchestrated and elegant show … Continue reading Schizophonia

Magali Reus: Highly Liquid

This article appeared in Metropolis M magazine in Dutch translation:   Magali Reus’s video and object-based works combine some of the qualities that she attributes to her material of choice. Aluminium has the coolness of metal and yet a paradoxical lightness one would not necessarily associate with a metallic substance; it’s a new, modern and eminently practical material, much softer than steel and thus more malleable. Reus has been using aluminium in its different guises – brushed, cast, powder-coated or mirror-polished – for ten years now, which is roughly the span of her career. After she had completed an Art … Continue reading Magali Reus: Highly Liquid