Oberhausen Film Festival

This report from Oberhausen Film Festival appeared on the Film Comment blog: Yellow Fever Located in Germany’s industrial Ruhr area, Oberhausen has a gritty appeal all its own. The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen has none of the glamour and rigid hierarchy of, say, Cannes; its egalitarian spirit and inclusiveness facilitate exchanges between directors, critics, programmers, professionals, and amateurs alike. Founded in 1954 and now approaching its 60th edition, Oberhausen is one of the oldest festivals specifically dedicated to short films. (In 1962, it was also famously the launching pad for the Oberhausen Manifesto by German filmmakers.) Festival director Lars … Continue reading Oberhausen Film Festival

Project Runway

This piece appeared on artforum.com:   Joanna Malinowska and Christian Tomaszewski, Mother Earth Sister Moon, 2009.   THE LAST TIME I saw New York–based Polish artists Joanna Malinowska and Christian Tomaszewski was at a party in Brooklyn. The guests were asked to set their inhibitions aside and howl together like a pack of wolves (or was it coyotes?) in preparation for a participatory group performance Malinowska was staging as part of her contribution to the 2012 Whitney Biennial. Nothing quite so taxing, or invigorating, was required of the elegant crowd gathered around the giant Tyvek spacesuit for the opening earlier … Continue reading Project Runway