This piece appeared on the frieze blog: It’s 4am and I’m struggling to stay awake while two people made up as clowns throw questions and answers each other’s way. ‘How do spark plugs and three-prong plugs work?’ I try to process this but it’s more than my battered brain can handle at this hour. The show began practically on the stroke of midnight and I’ve got 20 more hours to get through. Welcome to Forced Entertainment’s Quizoola! in its extended 24-hour run. This is the first time that the show, which normally lasts six hours and 12 at most, will … Continue reading Quizoola!

The Other Art Fair

This report from The Other Art Fair appeared at ArtDiscover as part of the critic vs. critic experiment: An artist friend of mine once told me that an artist feels about as comfortable at an art fair as an animal at the cattle market. This was at the Armory Show preview in New York, where the odd artist could be spotted slinking away, as if to illustrate his point. Not so at The Other Art Fair or TOAF (which wins the prize for the worst acronym, surely), a fair teeming with artists who, for once, appear unabashed about being here. … Continue reading The Other Art Fair