Modern Love

At the heart of an exhibition that explores how the internet and social media have altered and, in some ways, trivialised our experience of love and intimacy, there is a nostalgic longing for closeness, physical presence and romance that harks back to a more analogue era. Continue reading Modern Love

Letter from Rome

Roman Holiday this was not, although I could not resist sticking my hand inside the Bocca della Verità, which my Roman friend and I had all to ourselves, as tourists keen to relive the famous scene from the 1953 American classic starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck were for once in short supply. Continue reading Letter from Rome

Malta round-up

As the plane neared its destination — the Maltese islands, just south of Sicily — I noticed tankers dotted around what looked like an unusually shallow stretch of seawater. Later I found out we were cruising above a vast offshore anchoring area known as Hurd’s Bank, apparently the largest in Europe, which lends its name to a captivating film by Tobias Zielony. Continue reading Malta round-up